Heirloom Garden Vegetable Seeds


Our Vegetable Seeds are Heirloom open pollinated and pure. 38 Varieties Over 8,000 Seeds.

Non-Hybrid, No Chemicals, Non-GMO, Survival Garden Seed Bank. 38 Varieties Individually Packed and Labeled. See description below for full seed list. 

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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds and Fruit Seeds

Our vegetable seeds and fruit seeds mix includes 38 premiere varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds and fruit seeds, totaling over 8,000 seeds.

Our all-natural heirloom seed packs are all open-pollinated, germination-stable NON-GMO, and NON-Hybrid. We don’t use any chemicals, pesticides, or weed killers on our farm, and we never kiln dry our vegetable seeds or fruit seeds. We Process all of our seeds for quality. Our seed’s germination rate meets or exceeds federal seed standards. Our seeds are zoned for all of the USA.

The Liqui-Dirt farm, located in southern Utah, is 100% green and off the grid. We only use wind and solar for all processing on the farm. Our farm uses the amazing Liqui-Dirt plant superfood and nutrient formula to promote stronger, more vital seeds and faster germination.

38 SEED VARIETIES INCLUDES: Greenbean Contender, Kale Lacinato, Squash Waltham Butternut, Lima Bean Henderson, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Squash Pink Banana, Beet Detroit Dark Red, Butter Crunch Lettuce, Zucchini Black Beauty, Broccoli Waltham 29, Red Salad Bowl Lettuce, Tomato Beefsteak, Cabbage Golden Acre, Onion White Sweet, Tomato Roma, Cantaloupe Hales Jumbo, Onion Tokyo Bunching, Turnip Purple Top White Globe, Carrots Danvers, Parsnip Hollow Crown, Watermelon Crimson Sweet, Cauliflower Snowball Y, Peas Sugar Ann Snap, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Swiss Chard Lucullus, Pepper Jalapeño, Romanesco Broccoli, Corn Harris Sweet, Bell Pepper Yolo Wonder Y, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Cucumber Markermore, Pumpkin Sugar Pie, Utah Tall Celery, Cucumber American, Radish Cherry Belle, Spaghetti Squash, Eggplant Black Beauty, Spinach Noble Giant

All Natural:

Heirloom Seed Packs Heirloom (Open Pollinated) Germination Stable Our seeds are grown on Our Own Private 5-acre farm. Located in Southern Utah.

Our Farm:

Farm is 100% green and off the grid. Only wind and solar are used for processing. Our farm uses Liqui-Dirt to promote stronger seeds and faster germination.

Our Seeds:

Never kiln-dried, NON-GMO, and NON-Hybrid. We Process all seeds for quality. Our seed’s germination rate meets or exceeds federal seed standards. Our seeds are zoned for all of the USA.


No chemicals, pesticides, or weed killers are ever used on our farm. (Chemical Free 0-Harm) package is recyclable.

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