Universal Starter Plant Food | All-Natural NPK Fertilizer – Mixes to 1 Gallon


Liqui-Dirt Plant Nutrition – Concentrated Gel System: This product offers immediate absorption by plants, has no expiration date, is safe for pets, and is manufactured in the USA. The dosage is flexible, allowing you to use as much or as little as necessary to promote plant health without the risk of burning.

The starter-sized 10mL gel pack is designed to be mixed with 1 gallon of water, providing sufficient nutrients for up to 15 plants.

It features a blend of 18 balanced superfoods, creating a robust ecosystem that includes vitamins, minerals, micro-fungi, and bio-organisms, reminiscent of a “Fountain of Youth.”

This starter package contains everything your plants need to thrive!

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Starter Plant Food Description

Liqui-Dirt Starter Plant food Nutrition, presents an all-encompassing solution, packing a complete microbial, micro-fungal, and vitamin complex into a single starter pack – a whole ecosystem at your fingertips. It’s a straightforward, Starter Plant food concentrated formula that’s easy to use for plant watering. This gel based plant food rejuvenates both soil-based and hydroponic aquaponic systems, guaranteeing proper nourishment and water absorption for your plants.

When Liqui-Dirt’s starter plant food total nutrition is mixed with water, it transforms into an ultra-concentrated starter plant food nutrient that can be further adjusted to meet the specific needs of all plants. This potent, highly concentrated blend offers more value per square foot than typical chemical or tea-based fertilizers. Fully water-soluble, our starter plant gel represents the premium standard for enriching and invigorating soil.

Ideal for a diverse range of plants — from garden varieties to houseplants, as well as hydroponic systems and lawns — this starter plant food-base is composed of the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients. It’s a testament to our commitment to ecological responsibility and providing the highest level of care for both your plants and the environment.

How long does it last: Our Liqui-Dirt Starter Plant Food boasts an impressive shelf life; it does not expire, whether in diluted or concentrated form. You won’t find the unnecessary fillers common in diluted fertilizers here—our product is all about the essentials. Designed to work instantly upon mixing with water, it begins to nurture your plants right away, fostering vigorous, flourishing growth.

The Liqui-Dirt starter plant food is crafted through an unparalleled bio-digestion technique that spans 40 stages over 5 years, transforming raw ingredients into a finely balanced blend. This blend is rich in readily absorbable elements, vitamins, minerals, folates, fulvic acids, and bio-complexes, including beneficial micro-fungi now recognized as plant food. This meticulous process is proprietary to Liqui-Dirt, establishing us as the sole provider globally of nutrient systems created through this method.

Liqui-Dirt starter plant food sets the bar with our full-spectrum plant food and fertilizer replacement concentrated gel, ensuring you manage your plant care without any detrimental effects. With the confidence that our concentrate will never spoil or become unusable, you have the freedom to use it to completion, no matter how often you apply it.

Discover the difference in our starter plant food:  Our Plant food is entirely safe for pets, fish, and reptiles, doesn’t have any scent, and is free from chemicals and GMOs. Each batch is handcrafted with pride in the USA, bringing the best of our farm directly to your home.

Liqui-Dirt Starter Plant Food stands out for its efficacy and integrity; we don’t resort to overblown promises. Our product is grounded in extensive scientific research and is designed to facilitate essential microbial activity for nutrient absorption. The nutrients are pre-digested, ready for plants to absorb quickly, which means your plants can direct their energy towards growth rather than nutrient breakdown. Experience the flourishing growth and robust health of your plants with Liqui-Dirt.

This leads to swift nutrient absorption, accommodating even plants with root complications. Additionally, our starter plant food formula is crafted for cellular absorption, permitting nutrient intake directly through the foliage, which is advantageous for the entire plant. Consequently, even plants that have sustained damage can flourish, thanks to our distinctive system designed for cellular nutrition delivery

The Science behind Liqui-Dirt Plant Food: Our starter Plant Food is the culmination of decades of meticulous scientific study, with a keen focus on zymology—the science of fermentation—which is essential for plant nutrition. Our extensive research has been dedicated to understanding the intricate microbial activity in the root zones that plays a pivotal role in the breakdown and assimilation of macro-nutrients, ensuring that your plants receive the nourishment they need for optimal growth.

By offering pre-digested nutrients, our starter plant food eases the strain on plant and root systems, allowing for quick nutrient uptake with minimal energy cost. The formula is designed for cellular absorption, meaning that nutrients can be taken up through every part of the plant, from foliage to stems. This enhances the overall vitality of the plant right down to the cellular level. Plants that have been weakened or damaged also gain from this method, as they can access nutrition immediately, setting the stage for vigorous growth and restored health

Customer Insights:  Starter Plant Food – Advancing Liqui-Dirt through Collective Experience. At Liqui-Dirt, we believe that our customers’ experiences are just as vital as our own research. By listening to those who use our natural plant food, we gather invaluable insights through their feedback and rigorous testing. This crowdsourced approach helps us enhance our understanding of the benefits embedded in our exceptional nutrition system. With a community of thousands of users, we gain deeper insights into how well our Liqui-Dirt plant food performs. We encourage you to share your experiences with us, aiding in our ongoing efforts to continually refine and improve Liqui-Dirt, making it even more effective.

Bottle Starter plant food and 1 gal jug

Display of starter plant food a bottle of Liqui-Dirt and a dosing jug




Our Starter Plant Food is a 10ml envelope of our world-leading concentrated gel-based plant food. Each envelope prepares one gallon of mix, sufficient to nourish approximately 15 average houseplants for 30 days. Each application is approximately 20mL from the mix.

(A starter Plant Food Mix = 1 envelope into 1 gallon of water, once mixed is now called a MIX)


Introducing our revolutionary starter plant food: an ultra-concentrated, gel-based solution designed to foster a thriving ecosystem for your houseplants, gardens, and all plant-containing areas. With just a small amount, this powerful formula makes one gallon of nutrient-rich solution, enough to sustain approximately 15 houseplants for 30 days. This cost-effective product ensures your indoor garden flourishes with minimal need for frequent resupply.

Our versatile plant food mix is compatible with a variety of growing methods—whether you’re working with traditional soil, advanced hydroponic systems, moisture-retaining semi-hydroponics like Leca, or complex setups like vivariums with reptiles, serene terrariums, dynamic water gardens, and tranquil fish tanks. It’s the ideal supplement for diverse plant enthusiasts and their unique collections.

Our formulation provides comprehensive care, enhancing every part of your plant from roots to leaves. It promotes strong stems, vibrant blooms, and lush foliage with a balanced blend of essential macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), supporting healthy growth through all life stages.

Safety is a top priority—our plant food is designed to be used liberally without the risk of over-fertilization, giving gardeners peace of mind. This forgiving solution ensures optimal care for your plants, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

The Liqui-Dirt Plant Food stands out with its user-friendly application, encouraging even gardening novices to develop their green thumb. It’s a straightforward, effective choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free gardening experience that produces real results.

As with all gardening products, we recommend following the provided instructions and starting with smaller doses. Monitor your plants’ response and adjust the dosage as needed. Regular observation after application is key to ensuring our plant food positively impacts your plants’ health and vitality. With this careful approach, your indoor garden will be a vibrant showcase of beauty and wellness.


Liqui-Dirt Starter Plant Food: Is our premier starting step for anyone looking to try plant care for the first time to hard core plant enthusiast. We offer a Fully Digested Elemental, Full Bodied Nutrient System (Plant Food), meticulously crafted to support all plant types. This plant food goes beyond mere nourishment—it creates a fertile ecosystem that mimics the world’s richest soils.

Packed with a comprehensive suite of essential vitamins and minerals, Liqui-Dirt ensures your plants receive the vital nutrients they need for robust growth. The key to its effectiveness lies in the microbial index it infuses into the soil, fostering a dynamic environment that promotes plant health and development.

Beyond simple nutrition, our plant food formula is enriched with beneficial micro-fungi, mycorrhizae, and rhizobacteria. These organisms form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, improving water and nutrient absorption, thus enhancing plant vigor, health, and resilience against stress. This is why Liqui-Dirt is more than just a fertilizer—it’s a cornerstone of plant care.

Liqui-Dirt also boasts a pH-balanced system, maintaining soil acidity at optimal levels for maximum nutrient uptake and preventing issues like nutrient lockout. This careful balancing act ensures that even with lower NPK levels, plants can still absorb the necessary macronutrients efficiently, reducing plant stress and fostering healthier growth.

Designed to work in harmony with a plant’s natural processes, from root development to flowering and fruit production, Liqui-Dirt is ideal for cultivating everything from delicate flowers and robust vegetables to exotic ornamentals. Each application not only feeds your plants but also enriches your soil with a thriving community of microorganisms, thus investing in the long-term health and vitality of your garden, whether indoor or outdoor.


Liqui-Dirt starter plant food unveils an unmatched nourishment formula, crafted through a cutting-edge bio-digestion process both intricate and effective. This nutrient supplement system is the culmination of dedicated scientific effort, undergoing a comprehensive 40-stage digestion process spanning five years. This meticulous transformation converts raw materials into a symphony of bioavailable nutrients, including elemental blends, essential vitamins, a spectrum of minerals, folates, and humic substances such as fulvic acids. Additionally, our formula is enriched with a variety of micro-fungi, essential for robust root development and nutrient uptake.

What distinguishes Liqui-Dirt’s method is not just the duration of its development but the meticulous attention and scientific precision invested in each drop of our plant food concentrate, ensuring unmatched quality and potency. This process is proprietary, positioning Liqui-Dirt as the exclusive provider of this advanced nutrient system worldwide.

While competitors may claim superiority, Liqui-Dirt’s plant food remains unparalleled. It serves as a complete replacement for traditional plant food and fertilizer concentrates, offering superior flexibility in application without concerns of overuse or expiration. Our timeless concentrate is crafted to endure, ensuring that your plants not only survive but thrive, supported by Liqui-Dirt’s steadfast commitment to excellence and consistency. With our product, you’re not just sustaining your plants; you’re investing in their long-term health and vitality.


Liqui-Dirt starter plant food presents a timeless approach to plant nutrition, expertly crafted to indefinitely enhance the well-being of your plants. With a formula that never expires, whether in its potent concentrated form or when diluted, this starter plant food stands as a lasting commitment to the health of your garden.

Designed for instant solubility, Liqui-Dirt starter plant food dissolves seamlessly into water, creating an optimal nutrient solution for your plants immediately upon mixing. This swift action facilitates quicker responses from your plants, leading to noticeably healthier and more vigorous growth.

Amidst a market brimming with competing products, many of which claim substantial benefits, Liqui-Dirt starter plant food sets itself apart with a proven effectiveness. Its comprehensive nutritional profile meets all of your plants’ requirements, while also offering unparalleled control over feeding. With Liqui-Dirt plant food, you can precisely tailor the amount needed for each plant’s specific needs, ensuring optimal nourishment without any risk of over-application. This level of control guarantees that your plants thrive under your care, supported by the highest quality nutrients.

You enrich them with a legacy of health and vigor.


Elevate your gardening with Liqui-Dirt starter plant food, the optimal choice for replacing traditional plant foods and fertilizers. This powerful formula is designed to enhance the vitality of every part of your plants—from the roots that anchor and nourish, to the stems that support, the leaves that facilitate growth, the blooms that captivate with their beauty, and the lush foliage that completes their appearance. Liqui-Dirt starter plant food offers comprehensive care that promotes overall plant health, suitable for a diverse range of plants including delicate indoor houseplants, robust garden sentinels, and sprawling lawns.

Liqui-Dirt starter plant food distinguishes itself in the horticultural world with its holistic approach to plant nutrition, serving not only popular choices like flowers, trees, and shrubs but every type of vegetation under your care. This is the pure, potent nutrition that your plants crave.

Our philosophy is straightforward: why pay for water? While other products on the market may seem diluted—offering less efficacy in more volume—Liqui-Dirt starter plant food champions the principle of quality over quantity. We guarantee that each granule and drop is concentrated with essential nutrients that tirelessly work to support and boost the growth and health of your plants.

By choosing Liqui-Dirt starter plant food, you’re not merely feeding your plants; you’re making a long-term investment in their well-being, ensuring they receive the best nutrients necessary to thrive. Witness the transformation of your garden under the nurturing care of Liqui-Dirt, as every plant reaches its peak potential, exhibiting vibrant health and spectacular growth.


Amplify the fruits of your labor with Liqui-Dirt, the ultimate catalyst for your garden’s bounty. This high-impact starter plant food is expertly formulated to not only boost growth but to significantly enhance the quality and quantity of your blooms, ensuring each flower reaches its most lavish potential.

Liqui-Dirt is tailored to nurture flowering plants, stimulating the development of bigger, healthier buds that result in visually stunning flowers, intoxicating aromas, and remarkable potency. For herbal sciences, Liqui-Dirt Starter Plant Food is a must! The outcome is a sensory feast that enhances the visual and olfactory experience of your garden, with flavors and fragrances that truly set your plants apart.

Beyond the aesthetic and sensory enhancements, Liqui-Dirt plant food also boosts your yield and increases production value, whether you’re gardening for personal satisfaction or commercial purposes. With Liqui-Dirt, expect returns that are both plentiful and superior in quality.

For those embracing the cutting-edge techniques of hydroponic gardening, Liqui-Dirt proves revolutionary. It’s perfectly suited for water-based systems, providing everything needed to achieve unprecedented growth and productivity.

Choose Liqui-Dirt starter plant food to empower your plants to exceed ordinary growth limits. Watch as your garden transforms into a lush, vibrant oasis, teeming with impressive harvests that epitomize the peak of your plants’ capabilities. With Liqui-Dirt, expect your harvests and blooms to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Join us in this video as we have a bit of fun showing just how easy it is to use Liqui-Dirt, demonstrating that superior plant care can be both simple and enjoyable.

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