Liqui-Dirt: The burn-free fertilizer replacement for literally any and all plants

We take plant health seriously. Liqui-Dirt, a natural plant supplement suitable for literally any plant, is a direct substitute for traditional fertilizers. Fertilizers (both naturally derived and chemical-free) are designed for short-term boosts to plant growth versus providing essential plant nutrients that your plants need to thrive long-term. And unlike synthetic fertilizers, Liqui-dirt won’t burn or harm your plants.

How Liqui-Dirt Works

WHY Liqui-Dirt Plant food over fertilizer?

  • Better than plant ferrtilizer
  • Nothing synthetic or chemical; you won’t burn your plants
  • Safe for all plants.
  • Naturally organic and pet safe.
  • Restores vibrancy, health from leaves to roots!
  • A total care system surpassing NPK ratios.

Replace your fertilizer and plant food

Fertilizers can potentially burn your plants because they’re designed to artificially boost a plant’s growth quickly, without actually providing plants what they need for long-term beneficial growth. Liqui-dirt is different. It uses 18 nature-derived ingredients that are put through a 5-year bio-digestion process to provide the raw elements and vitamins to revitalize your plants and plant roots from the cellular levels.

It’s the difference between using caffeine to boost your energy, versus taking vitamin supplements to improve your body’s cellular health.

What our all-natural plant food does

As one of the 5 major kingdoms of living organisms on this planet, plants are very complex organisms. The foundation of healthy plant function starts with healthy root development and leaf growth. Unlike plant fertilizers, Liqui-dirt plant food provides a balance of micro-bacteria and micro fungi that aids in the uptake of nutrients and water. Without this balance, plant health declines.

What this means for you?
Less frequent repotting of plants, revitalization of plants in poor soil environments, and overall faster plant growth.

The All-Purpose Plant Food


We Mine Harvest and Organically Grow everything within the Liqui-Dirt formula (No pesticides NO GMOs, or Hybrid contamination)


This formula is put through our 40 stages, and a 5-year bio-digestion process. (The only of its kind in the WORLD)


The bio-digestion process breaks down the ingredients into the raw elements and vitamins ready to revitalize your plants from a cellular level.


These NANO sized elements are absorbed directly into the cells of plants. This makes it possible to heal and grow stronger from leaves to there roots.


Because we have every essential element of vitamin and mineral with essential nutrients and microfungi complexes, it is the most complete food on the market today.


Our process can not be duplicated and is not a tea or compost but something far more powerful for your plants. It’s a complete care system, for the life of your plants.

Interested in the key ingredients behind Liqui-Dirt?

What kinds of plants will this work on?


Plants that have decorative, colorful and interesting leaves.


Includes dwarf trees, deciduous, citrus, and other tree families.


Landscape and decorative lawns that require regular watering and maintenance.


Plants native to tropical latitudes that grow in warm environments year round.

Fairy Gardens

Plants that are isolated in their own miniature ecosystems.


Plants that live entirely in aquatic environments, such as water lillies.


Cacti and succulents are the drought resistant plants that can survive without water for weeks to months.


All vegetable and garden variety plants that produce fruit-yielding flowers.


Humidity loving plants that are self-contained in their own controlled environments.


Plants that belong to the family Orchidaceae, a diverse group of flowering plants with blooms. They are one of the two largest families of flowering plants.


Common household herbs and garden-variety herbs. Herbs require a lot more water and regular nutrients for premium growth.

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