If you have plants, All Purpose Liqui-Dirt is for you. Period. But how does it work?

We take plant health seriously. Liquid-Dirt is a naturally occurring plant supplement for literally any plant. It’s a direct replacement for fertilizer. Fertilizers (both naturally derived and chemical-free) are designed for short-term boosts to plant growth, versus providing essential plant nutrients that your plants really need to thrive long term. We come from this world of natural elements and so does the strength of our plants. This is why Liqui-Dirt is chemical free and will never burn plants from an application.

The All-Purpose Plant Food

WHY Liqui-Dirt Plant food over fertilizer?

  • Better than plant ferrtilizer
  • Nothing synthetic or chemical; you won’t burn your plants
  • Safe for all plants.
  • Naturally organic and pet safe.
  • Restores vibrancy, health from leaves to roots!
  • A total care system surpassing NPK ratios.

Replace your fertilizer and plant food

Fertilizers can potentially burn your plants because they’re designed to artificially boost a plant’s growth quickly, without actually providing plants what they need for long-term beneficial growth. Liqui-dirt is different. It uses 18 nature-derived ingredients that are put through a 5-year bio-digestion process to provide the raw elements and vitamins to revitalize your plants and plant roots from the cellular levels.

It’s the difference between using caffeine to boost your energy, versus taking vitamin supplements to improve your body’s cellular health.

What our all-natural plant food does

As one of the 5 major kingdoms of living organisms on this planet, plants are very complex organisms. The foundation of healthy plant function starts with healthy root development and leaf growth. Unlike plant fertilizers, Liqui-dirt plant food provides a balance of micro-bacteria and micro fungi that aids in the uptake of nutrients and water. Without this balance, plant health declines.

What this means for you?
Less frequent repotting of plants, revitalization of plants in poor soil environments, and overall faster plant growth.


For plant food mixing instructions, watch our video!

Liqui-Dirt Plant Nutrition – Concentrated Gel System: This product offers immediate absorption by plants, has no expiration date, is safe for pets, and is manufactured in the USA. The dosage is flexible, allowing you to use as much or as little as necessary to promote plant health without the risk of burning.

The starter-sized 10mL gel pack is designed to be mixed with 1 gallon of water, providing sufficient nutrients for up to 15 plants.

It features a blend of 18 balanced superfoods, creating a robust ecosystem that includes vitamins, minerals, micro-fungi, and bio-organisms, reminiscent of a “Fountain of Youth.”

This starter package contains everything your plants need to thrive!

Liqui-Dirt Plant Food – Soluble Powder: For immediate plant absorption, no expiration, pet-safe, USA-made. You control the dosage for thriving plants without harm—use as much or as little as you like; There is no risk of burning your plants.

8oz. bottle yields 50 gallons a 1-5 year supply, depending on plants quantity and size.

18 balanced superfoods. A blend of the Fountain of Youth and a complete ecosystem containing 18 Balanced Superfoods with Vitamins, Minerals, Micro-Fungi, and Bio-Organisms.

Everything your plants need in this bottle!

When mixed with water, makes 1 gallon of Liqui-Dirt concentrate, (It’s over 12 bottles of our standard 8oz Liqui-Dirt) which yields 3,000 gallons for plant watering. Huge Bulk savings of $669 compared to Standard 8oz Bottle (50-Gallon Mix).  A Chemical-free Naturally Organic plant food, 18 Balanced Super Foods combine Vitamins, Minerals, Micro-Fungi, and Bio-Organisms for any plant. Feed your Green with Liqui-Dirt.

Calibrated to measure 1 cap full of Liqui-Dirt Plant food concentrate for exact gallon mixing to speed up the dilution process.

Our Customers Tell it Best!

The Liqui-Dirt lovers have blessed us with over 2,000 5-star reviews!


A Messy Miracle

12 months ago I purchased my first LiquiDirt & my plants have been LOVING it. Some have made beautiful & dramatic improvement, like my sad, struggling Alocasia Maharani I “rescued” from the clearance table at a local nursery. At the time, it sickly, had spider mites, severe root rot & early stages of corm/bulb rot.

After 12 months of regular feedings with LiquiDirt, and the proper species care- it has grown into an absolutely stunning specimen of a plant.

– C. Cole


Absolutely amazing! Must buy for plant parents!

Simply amazing! My wide array of indoor houseplants are thriving with the use of this fertilizer. Plants I thought were doing great already are pushing out lush growth. I’m a bit weary when it comes to fertilizer and avoided it for the most part. I used things like coffee, banana peels and egg shells etc. along with a highly diluted organic fertilizer. I had issues with burning, plants growing erratic and long as if searching for light. I am so pleased to see my plants perking up like never before. I’m a plant addict… (don’t judge I know half of the people who read this will be) every inch of available space is taken. I had a natural brown thumb and killed many plants in my journey to acquire a green one. Having tried many many fertilizers, this is THE best. It even worked wonders in my planted aquarium and propagation. I’ll need to re-order this soon and not because there isn’t a lot. With as many plants as I have this little pouch of fertilizer could quite probably last me a year or more. I keep giving it away!! I’ve made and passed on at least 25 gallons of the “mix” so far. I want the plants of others to do as well as mine are. Do your plant babies a favor, grab this stuff and watch them absolutely thrive!

– Daisy Gaia


This is now my go-to fertilizer

I used to use Miracelgro and have been shopping around for a better fertilizer. I have given a few trials but never impressed. This product is WOW. It’s a great fertilizer but also full of micronutrients. The ingredients are high quality things that people use for plants and it combines them gracefully. Many other fertilizers are processed salts and contain just the minimum nutrient ratio/amount listed.

This product seems to be a soup of the best natural sources of these nutrients.

– Anna


Worthy product to try out! Lifesaver for my dying plants..

I did alot or reading and survey before I have purchased LiquiDirt. I was skeptical and my economic brain wasnt helping. A friend of mine had been using liquidirt and swear by the product. So I have purchased it to try out. The instruction was abit confusing but the videos on Youtube was easy on how to dilute the concentrate mix. I let it sat for 24 hours before I use it. I have started seeing the changes with my plants on the 2nd weeks. The trees and green leaf plants were loving it and it had helped to revive my dying grassjelly plant.

So is LiquiDirt worth it? I said YES, dont let the small pouch and price deter you from giving it a chance. If you follow the instruction correctly, it was easy to dilute and your plants will be very happy to have that extra vitamins.
I have used Distilled Water to mix with the solution to keep it from bacteria and long lasting shelf life.

– Teddy


EXACTLY what I needed!

I love container gardening but it presents challenges to keep up with nutrient depletion. My herbs were looking anemic and my flowers were bushy but not blooming very well despite my best feeding efforts. This product corrected everything almost immediately. I wanted to use organic matter rather than chemicals which can be difficult to balance on your own. They do all the balancing for you. I can’t think of a single way to improve this. My plants exploded with blossoms and fruit. It’s perfect!

– Christopher Jero


So much new growth!!!

All my plants love this fertiliser. From fussier ones like peace lilies and fittonias to easy going ones like jasmines and dieffenbachias, they all respond instantly and produce lots of new growth (and pretty flowers in the case of my jasmines and baby sunrose). Of course you will need adequate light for growth but in terms of food for your plants, this is my go-to. Also, because you have to dilute it so much that one bag of this essentially will last you forever.

– Bernice

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