Liqui-Dirt Plant Food Goes Beyond NPK to Provide a Comprehensive Nutrition System

Liqui-Dirt is a revolutionary plant growth enhancer crafted with care and precision. This advanced formula incorporates 18 organic powerhouse ingredients meticulously selected to foster optimal plant development. Our unique blend undergoes a cutting-edge zymology process, unlocking a powerhouse of vitamins and a microbial index crucial for plant vitality. And we mean any and all plants!

The DNA of Plants & The power of 18 ingredients

More than NPK. More than Fertilizer. More than Ingredients. A full nutrition system.

The Power Of 18 is far more than a list of ingredients. It’s far more than a fertilizer. It is a total nutrition system for all plants. Through our Zymology process we transform the 18 ingredients into thousands of separate fully digested and readily absorbable elements. The vitamins and the microbial index are essential to a plants life. We bring into this a complex understanding of how plants really work and what it truly takes to grow them strong healthy and vibrant.

While NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are critical macronutrients for plant growth, they alone may not be sufficient for optimal and balanced development. Plants also require various micronutrients and trace elements in smaller quantities to thrive.

Elevate your gardening experience with our powerhouse, organic plant food. It’s not just a product; it’s a commitment to the flourishing life of your plants. Nurture your garden with the best, and let Liqui-Dirt be the secret behind your green success.

Liqui-Dirt key features


Our formula comprises a carefully curated mix of 18 essential ingredients, including vital macronutrients (NPK), micronutrients, and trace elements. This ensures a well-rounded and balanced plant food for all plants.

Zymology Process

Our innovative zymology process is at the heart of Liqui-Dirt. This method leverages biological processes to transform raw ingredients into a potent and bioavailable form. Replace your fertilizer with our formula for enhanced nutrient absorption.

Vitamin Enrichment

Through our proprietary zymology process, Liqui-Dirt delivers a wealth of vitamins crucial for plant health. These vitamins play key roles in various physiological processes, promoting robust growth, resilience to stress, and overall vitality.

Microbial Index Boost

A thriving microbial community is essential for soil health and plant well-being. Our plant food formula not only provides essential nutrients but also promotes a balanced microbial index. This supports nutrient cycling, root development, and disease resistance.

Tailored for Plant Success

Liqui-Dirt is designed to cater to all plant species, indoor and outdoor. Whether you have ornamentals, vegetables, or fruit-bearing plants, our formula provides the support your plants deserve.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

We are committed to environmental sustainability. Liqui-Dirt is crafted with eco-friendly practices in mind, ensuring that your commitment to plant care aligns with a broader dedication to the well-being of our planet.

Easy Application

Liqui-Dirt is user-friendly and easy to apply. It begins as a lightweight powderewd concentrate that you dilute with water. Simply follow the recommended application guidelines, and watch as your plants respond with vigor, vibrant foliage, and abundant blooms.

Proven Results

Backed by extensive research, testing, and years on the market, Liqui-Dirt has demonstrated remarkable results in promoting plant growth and health. Join countless satisfied customers who have witnessed the transformative effects of our plant growth enhancer.

If you enjoyed exploring The Power of 18, you must love plants as much as we do! Green thumbs up!

Shop our Liqui-Dirt products below!

Liqui-Dirt Plant Nutrition – Concentrated Gel System: This product offers immediate absorption by plants, has no expiration date, is safe for pets, and is manufactured in the USA. The dosage is flexible, allowing you to use as much or as little as necessary to promote plant health without the risk of burning.

The starter-sized 10mL gel pack is designed to be mixed with 1 gallon of water, providing sufficient nutrients for up to 15 plants.

It features a blend of 18 balanced superfoods, creating a robust ecosystem that includes vitamins, minerals, micro-fungi, and bio-organisms, reminiscent of a “Fountain of Youth.”

This starter package contains everything your plants need to thrive!

Liqui-Dirt Plant Food – Soluble Powder: For immediate plant absorption, no expiration, pet-safe, USA-made. You control the dosage for thriving plants without harm—use as much or as little as you like; There is no risk of burning your plants.

8oz. bottle yields 50 gallons a 1-5 year supply, depending on plants quantity and size.

18 balanced superfoods. A blend of the Fountain of Youth and a complete ecosystem containing 18 Balanced Superfoods with Vitamins, Minerals, Micro-Fungi, and Bio-Organisms.

Everything your plants need in this bottle!

When mixed with water, makes 1 gallon of Liqui-Dirt concentrate, (It’s over 12 bottles of our standard 8oz Liqui-Dirt) which yields 3,000 gallons for plant watering. Huge Bulk savings of $669 compared to Standard 8oz Bottle (50-Gallon Mix).  A Chemical-free Naturally Organic plant food, 18 Balanced Super Foods combine Vitamins, Minerals, Micro-Fungi, and Bio-Organisms for any plant. Feed your Green with Liqui-Dirt.

Calibrated to measure 1 cap full of Liqui-Dirt Plant food concentrate for exact gallon mixing to speed up the dilution process.

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