My Life goal has always been to make a difference. A difference that will truly change lives.

The passion behind Liqui-Dirt plant food comes from family and the bonds that are created with friends. I care deeply for my environment and want to protect the very thing that gave us life. We only have one world that we are all a part of, which is why I take an active roll in doing my part to repair the damage that has come from generations of neglect. This set of core values are the foundation for Liqui-Dirt. Our goal is to naturally and cost effectively rebuild ecosystems and continue to develop better ways of producing healthier plants around the world. I use ethics, hard work and knowledge from around the globe to bring this into every product by Liqui-Dirt.

The Liqui-Dirt Plant Food Difference

Liqui-Dirt plant food and fertilizer replacement can repair the very nature of all growing areas and soil conditions. “It is truly unlike any other product.” Rather than short-term results, this can restore every plant, tree, and ecosystem that drives the circle of life.

Liqui-Dirt plant food rejuvenates the ground even from a natural disaster or in leached soil from flood and or fire, even chemical spill.

In creating Liqui-Dirt, I hope to inspire you and your family to come together, plant a garden, watch it grow, laugh, and have fun. It is the love for the harvests we prepare that brings the biggest smiles to everyone. This truly is one of the most crucial reasons I have created this amendment. Seeing firsthand the sense of joy gardening can bring. There is just something about growing from a seed into a lush plant and what it can do to repair lives.

This testament of togetherness creates the stories and traditions that are passed down through the ages becoming the stories of our families. Made from the best natural ingredients and  hundreds of years of tried and true knowledge  from my family and farmers from around the world, I’ve condensed this to the basis for the Liqui-Dirt formulation. It truly is a full mendment for your planted areas not just gardens but anywhere plant life is not growing well.

Taking time to think of my own family, friends and the joy that is surrounded by a simple garden inspires me to do even more. This is what drives me to provide the best products with all the benefits of natural organic ingredients. Better food in our bodies equals a better way of life, full of the joy spent with family and friends. Together with our hands in the ground we can grow a new generation of family traditions and the respect for our environment can be cultivated.

The Zymology Process

Many of the finest foods and beverages we eat and drink come from this type of process. From the bread we eat to Spirits and beverages with or without alcohol.

Wiki Defines Fermentation as a metabolic process that converts sugar to acids, gases and/or alcohol. It occurs in yeast and bacteria, but also in oxygen-starved muscle cells, as in the case of  lactic acid fermentation. 

Fermentation is also used more broadly to refer to the bulk growth of microorganisms on a growth medium. French microbiologist Louis Pasteur is often remembered for his insights into  fermentation and its microbial causes.

The science of fermentation is known as zymology.

What kinds of plants will this work on?


Plants that have decorative, colorful and interesting leaves.


Includes dwarf trees, deciduous, citrus, and other tree families.


Landscape and decorative lawns that require regular watering and maintenance.


Plants native to tropical latitudes that grow in warm environments year round.

Fairy Gardens

Plants that are isolated in their own miniature ecosystems.


Plants that live entirely in aquatic environments, such as water lillies.


Cacti and succulents are the drought resistant plants that can survive without water for weeks to months.


All vegetable and garden variety plants that produce fruit-yielding flowers.


Humidity loving plants that are self-contained in their own controlled environments.


Plants that belong to the family Orchidaceae, a diverse group of flowering plants with blooms. They are one of the two largest families of flowering plants.


Common household herbs and garden-variety herbs. Herbs require a lot more water and regular nutrients for premium growth.

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