A Plant Food That Revitalizes Your Plants Naturally: Complete NPK Fertilizer System, Yields 50 Gallons


Liqui-Dirt Plant Food – Soluble Powder: For immediate plant absorption, no expiration, pet-safe, USA-made. You control the dosage for thriving plants without harm—use as much or as little as you like; There is no risk of burning your plants.

8oz. bottle yields 50 gallons a 1-5 year supply, depending on plants quantity and size.

18 balanced superfoods. A blend of the Fountain of Youth and a complete ecosystem containing 18 Balanced Superfoods with Vitamins, Minerals, Micro-Fungi, and Bio-Organisms.

Everything your plants need in this bottle!

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Full Liqui-Dirt Natural Plant Food Description

Liqui-Dirt plant food, offers a comprehensive solution with a full Microbial, Micro-Fungi, and Vitamin complex—an entire ecosystem in a bottle. Easy as 1-2-3, it’s a concentrated formula for watering your plants. Our 100% soluble plant food completely revitalizes soil and hydroponic aquaponic systems, ensuring proper nutrition and fluid uptake.

Liqui-Dirt’s complete nutrition is added to water, creating a super concentrated plant food that can be further diluted for all plant requirements. This highly concentrated formula is more cost-effective per square foot than most chemical or tea fertilizers. 100% water-soluble, setting the gold standard for soil nutrition and revitalization. Perfect for all plants, gardens, houseplants, hydroponics, and lawns. Our powder contains only the purest ingredients, sustainably harvested, grown, and mined with the utmost care for Mother Earth. Our focus is always on providing the best care for your plants and our precious environment!

How long does it last? Our Plant food doesn’t expire at any dilution or concentrated form. Unlike watered-down fertilizers, we only charge for the essentials your plants need to thrive. Our powder reacts immediately in water, promoting happy, healthy plants.

Our plant food concentrate undergoes a unique bio-digestion process involving a 40-stage, 5-year process of raw ingredients, resulting in a balanced mix of highly absorbable raw elements, vitamins, minerals, folates, fulvic acids, and bio-complexes, including micro fungi (Now called a Plant Food). This process, unique to Liqui-Dirt, sets us apart as the only company on Earth to process nutrient systems in this way.

Don’t be misled by promises by our competitors—our complete plant food replacement concentrate puts you in control without harming your plants. Rest assured, our concentrate will never expire or go bad. You can continue to use it until it’s gone, regardless of the frequency of applications.

Discover the difference in our plant food: 100% Pet/Fish/Reptile Safe, Odorless, Chemical-Free, Non-GMO. Proudly Handmade in the USA. From our farm to you, Liqui-Dirt Plant Food simply works! Don’t be misled by exaggerated claims—our total plant food concentrate empowers you without harming your plants. Witness joyful, vital growth with true miracles. With decades of scientific research, we grasp the essential microbial actions for nutrient absorption. Our pre-digested nutrients ensure immediate uptake, sparing your plants from additional breakdown burdens.

This means rapid absorption even with root issues. Plus, our cellularly absorbable formula allows uptake through foliage, benefiting all plant parts. Even damaged plants thrive with our unique cellular nutrition delivery system.

The Science behind Liqui-Dirt Plant Food: Our Plant Food harnesses decades of scientific research, focusing on Zymology processes crucial for plant nutrition. Our comprehensive studies delve into microbial actions within root columns, facilitating the breakdown and absorption of macro-nutrients.

By pre-digesting plant food nutrients, we alleviate the burden on plant and root ecosystems, ensuring rapid absorption and minimal energy expenditure. Our cellularly absorbable formula enables nutrient uptake through foliage, leaves, stems, and stalks, enhancing plant vitality at a cellular level. Even damaged plants benefit from our unique delivery system, receiving nutrition instantly for optimal growth and health.


Customer Insights: Plant Food – Enhancing Liqui-Dirt through Shared Experiences.

Plant Food With calibrated Dropper and gallon dosing Jug

Plant Food kit containing 8-oz Bottle A calibrated dropper and a 1 gallon Jug

At Liqui-Dirt, we don’t just rely on our own research on plant foods—we value the insights of our customers who use our natural plant food. Through their shared experiences and critical testing, we crowdsource valuable research, expanding our understanding of the benefits of our exceptional nutrition system incased within our plant food.

With thousands of users under our umbrella, our team gains a deeper insight into the effectiveness of our Liqui-Dirt plant food. We invite you to share your experiences with us, contributing to our continuous improvement efforts to make Liqui-Dirt even better!

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More Detailed Use Information, About Liqui-Dirt Natural Plant Food:

Now that you’ve got the essentials, it’s time to mix up your concoction. Here’s a simple, 1. 2. 3. guide to making a concentrate from your 8-oz bottle:

  1. Prepare the Water: Begin by measuring 1 cup (about 8 ounces) of preferably filtered or drinking water (spring or well water are also good choices). It’s crucial to use non-chlorinated water as chlorine can disrupt the natural composition of the concentrate.
  2. Add Water to the Pouch: Slowly pour the measured water into the pouch containing the powder to prevent any spillage.
  3. Shake the Pouch: Seal the pouch securely and give it a good shake. This ensures the powder mixes thoroughly with the water, facilitating the rehydration process. Make sure there are no clumps remaining.

For a visual guide, check out our detailed video tutorial on mixing your 8-oz bottle.

Recommended Steps:

  • Let it Sit: After shaking, place the pouch in a cool, dry area. It’s best to let it sit overnight. This period allows the powder to fully absorb the water and ensures a uniform concentrate.
  • Check and Use: Before using the concentrate, verify that the powder has completely dissolved and the mixture is even. If you notice any particles, shake the pouch once more.
  • Shake Well Before Each Use: Always remember to shake the pouch well before using it.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure your powder transforms into a perfectly prepared concentrate, ready to be used or diluted further into your MIX.

Liqui-Dirt Houseplant Nourishment Guide:

  • Prepare the Nutrient Mix: Add 1 capful (5ml) of Liqui-Dirt concentrate to 1 gallon of filtered or non-chlorinated drinking water using a Liqui-Dirt Calibrated Doser. Chlorinated water should be avoided as it can adversely affect plant health. This solution is referred to as the “MIX.”

Application to Plants:

  • Adding MIX to Watering Routine: When you’re ready to water your plants, add 20 ml (approximately two tablespoons) of the Liqui-Dirt MIX to the amount of water you plan to use for each plant.
  • Direct Application to Soil: If your plants have already been watered, you can directly apply 20 ml of the MIX to the soil around each plant right after watering.
  • These methods ensures: that the plants receive the nutrients either during their regular watering or immediately afterwards, facilitating effective absorption.

Routine Application: For optimal results, continue to add this amount of the MIX every time you water your plants. Adjust watering and amount of MIX as your plant grows.

  1. Versatility and Safety: Liqui-Dirt is safe and effective for a wide array of plants including flowers, foliage, specialty plants, rare and collectable plants, aroids, bamboo, orchids, succulents, cacti, and even water plants, without harming the plant foliage.
  2. Adjustable Nutrition: If your plants require more nutrition, feel free to increase the frequency of applications or the amount at each application. There is no risk of overfeeding, allowing for flexible dosing according to your plants’ needs. Easy, Smart, Safe. 

Dosing Considerations:

The suggested dosage is ideal for houseplants in pots ranging from 4-8 inches. For larger pots or plants with dense foliage, adjust the amount of MIX proportionally. Liqui-Dirt is a complete plant nutrient system (Fertilizer), akin to a biome in a bottle, supplying all necessary elements for plant vigor.

While Liqui-Dirt is designed as a stand-alone product, it is also designed to be compatible with other manufacturers products and won’t interfere with them, it’s important to adhere to all provided instructions for any combined use to ensure your plants flourish to their fullest potential.

Comprehensive Liqui-Dirt Feeding Guide for Herb and Vegetable Gardens:

Hose Sprayer Application:

  1. Configure your hose sprayer to a 6 oz. delivery rate.
  2. Add 4 capfuls (20ml) equal to 4 doser uses of Liqui-Dirt concentrate into the sprayer.
  3. Saturate your garden until the sprayer empties and you can see through the cup.
  4. Ensure all garden areas are covered by repeating the procedure as necessary.
  5. Stick to this regimen bi-weekly to consistently nourish your garden.

Watering Can Method:

  1. In a 1.5 to 2-gallon watering can, mix in 2 capfuls or 2 doses from the calibrated doser of Liqui-Dirt.
  2. The mixture should be enough to cover a 50 square feet garden patch.
  3. Administer this mix uniformly over your garden area and maintain the practice every two weeks to aid in strong and healthy plant development.

Nutrition Intensification for Fruiting Plants:

  • As plants transition to producing fruits, adapt the feeding frequency to meet the increased nutritional needs.
  • For high-yield, large fruit-bearing plants like pumpkins and squash, plan to double the standard nutrient measure due to their more substantial fruiting requirements.
  • Remember, the size of the fruit is directly proportional to the nutrient input; larger fruits necessitate a greater quantity of Liqui-Dirt for optimal growth and fruit development.


Liqui-Dirt Container Gardening Nutrition Guide:

Nutrient Mix Preparation: Combine 2 capfuls (10ml) of Liqui-Dirt concentrate with 1 gallon of non-chlorinated, filtered drinking water. Use the Liqui-Dirt Calibrated Doser for accuracy. Use the doser twice to to equal 10ml. Steer clear of chlorinated water to prevent any negative impact on plant health. This preparation is your nutrient “MIX.”

Plant Application:

  • Incorporate MIX with Watering: When it’s time to water your container plants, mix 40 ml (roughly four tablespoons) of the Liqui-Dirt MIX with the water you intend to use for each container.
  • Direct Soil Application: If your container plants are already watered, directly add 40 ml of the MIX to the soil in each container.
  • Ensuring Effective Nutrient Uptake: Applying the MIX during the regular watering schedule or immediately after ensures that the plants effectively absorb the nutrients.
  • Consistent Feeding: To achieve the best growth, consistently add the specified amount of MIX with every watering session. Tailor the watering frequency and MIX volume as your plants grow and their needs evolve.
  • Flexible Nutrition Adjustment: Should your container plants show signs of increased nutritional demand, you can safely elevate the application frequency or the MIX amount per application. With Liqui-Dirt, there’s no danger of over-nutrition, empowering you to adjust as per the specific requirements of your plants.

By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure that your container garden is well-nourished, fostering healthy growth and vibrant blooms with Liqui-Dirt. Easy, Smart, Safe. 

Dosing Considerations:

The suggested dosage is ideal for most garden herbs and vegetables. For larger containers or plants with dense foliage and large fruit, adjust the amount of MIX proportionally. Liqui-Dirt is a complete plant nutrient system (Fertilizer), akin to a biome in a bottle, supplying all necessary elements for plant vigor. While Liqui-Dirt is designed as a stand-alone product, it is also designed to be compatible with other manufacturers products and won’t interfere with them, it’s important to adhere to all provided instructions for any combined use to ensure your plants flourish to their fullest potential.

Liqui-Dirt Outdoor Landscape Watering Instructions:

Equipment Needed: (one device is needed for proper application)

  • Hose Sprayer
  • Venturi Injection System to Sprinkler System
  • Pump Injection System to Sprinkler System

Hose sprayer compatible with Liqui-Dirt Natural Plant Food!

This Hose sprayer is compatible with Liqui-Dirt Plant Food.

Preparation: Hose End Sprayer

Set Sprayer: Adjust your hose sprayer to release 2 ounces of fluid. This setting is crucial for proper dilution and distribution of the Liqui-Dirt Plant Food.

Loading Instructions: Adding Liqui-Dirt, Pour two capfuls (equivalent to 10 ml) of Liqui-Dirt Plant Food into the hose sprayer.

Application Method: Spray Thoroughly, begin by spraying your lawn, trees, and flowers. Continue spraying until the sprayer runs clear, indicating that all the plant food has been dispensed.

Complete Coverage: Make sure to cover all areas of your landscaping thoroughly to ensure even nutrient distribution.

Optimal Application Time: Apply early in the morning. This helps prevent the loss of nutrients through evaporation that can occur during hotter parts of the day.

Maintenance Schedule / Frequency of Application: Reapply Liqui-Dirt Plant Food every four weeks to continuously nourish your garden and lawn, promoting robust growth and vibrant health.

Venturi for Sprinkler applications

Venturi for Sprinkler injection of Liqui-Dirt Plant Food

Venturi Injector System



Introducing a breakthrough in plant food nutrition, our ultra-concentrated solution is designed to create a robust ecosystem for your house plants, gardens, and all areas containing plants. With just a small volume, you can prepare 50 gallons of potent plant food solution, yielding an impressive 6400 applications. This cost-effective formulation stretches far, ensuring your indoor garden thrives without frequent purchases.

Our versatile nutrient plant food seamlessly integrates with various growing methods—whether it’s traditional soil, innovative hydroponic systems, moisture-retaining semi-hydroponics like Leca, or even more complex setups involving vivariums with reptiles, serene terrariums, lively water gardens, and tranquil fish tanks. It’s crafted to be the perfect ally for diverse plant enthusiasts and their unique plant collections.

The comprehensive care provided by our plant food formula nurtures every part of your plant. From the deepest roots to the highest leaves, it promotes strong stems, vibrant blooms, and lush foliage. This is thanks to a carefully balanced blend of essential macronutrients, including (N)-nitrogen, (P)-phosphorus, and (K)-potassium, fostering healthy plant development across all stages.

With just a small amount, this powerful formula makes over 50 gallons in turn this is equal to 6,400 applications of average house plants.  This nutrient-rich solution, enough to sustain hundreds of houseplants for weeks, months, years depending on size and application. This cost-effective product ensures your indoor garden flourishes with minimal need for frequent resupply. (In short: this bottle last a very long time).

Safety is paramount in our plant foods design. You can use it liberally without the fear of harming your cherished plants, alleviating the concern of over-fertilization that haunts many gardeners. A main question we are asked is ” Can I use this on my Food Gardens too? The answer is: YES for sure it is amazing for the vegetable and herb gardens that feed our family’s. It’s a forgiving plant food solution to ensure your greenery always receives the best care.

Our Liqui-Dirt Plant Food is distinguished by its user-friendly approach, easy as 1 – 2 – 3 to encouraging even those new to gardening to cultivate a green thumb with its simple application process. It’s an appealing choice for anyone seeking a no-fuss gardening experience that delivers tangible results. So from a watering can, to an attached hose sprayer even run it into a sprinkler system, really you can use Liqui-Dirt Plant Food anywhere!

As with any plant food care product, we advise adhering to the instructions provided and starting with conservative doses. Observe how your plants react to the plant food, then adjust the amount gradually. Regular observation after application is essential to confirm the beneficial impact of our ecosystem-in-a-bottle on your plant’s vitality. With this prudent approach, you can expect a flourishing indoor garden that stands out in its beauty and health.


Our Fully Digested Elemental, Full Bodied Nutrient System (Plant Food). This meticulously crafted plant food is suitable for all plants, providing a comprehensive suite of vitamins and minerals vital for plant growth. Infused with a microbial index, it ensures a balanced and dynamic soil ecosystem, similar to that found in the most fertile natural environments.

Our plant food formula is not just about feeding plants; it’s about fostering a thriving community below the soil line. It includes a complete set of micro-fungi, mycorrhizae, and rhizobacteria strains, which form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, enhancing water and nutrient uptake, and thereby improving plant health, vigor, and stress resilience. This is the reason Liqui-Dirt is a plant food not just a fertilizer.

Moreover, the entire plant food system is pH Balanced. This critical feature maintains soil acidity at optimum levels, ensuring nutrient availability and absorption are maximized, and preventing potential issues associated with pH fluctuations that can lead to nutrient lockout. Uptake of the essential macronutrients including (N)-nitrogen, (P)-phosphorus, and (K)-potassium is made to be easier when your plants are less stressed. Because of our break down process our NPK levels can be far lower and still yield the best results.

The plant food is designed to work seamlessly with the plant’s life processes, supporting everything from root development to flowering and fruiting. Whether you’re cultivating delicate flowers, robust vegetables, or exotic ornamentals, this supplement system is engineered to provide the necessary nutritional support for your plants to flourish.

In essence, this plant food is not just feeding your plants; it’s cultivating an underground metropolis of beneficial microorganisms that will naturally enhance your plant’s growth and health. With every application, you’re not just nourishing; you’re investing in the long-term vitality of your indoor or outdoor garden.


Liqui-Dirt plant food presents an unparalleled plant nourishment formula, a result of an innovative bio-digestion technique that is as intricate as it is effective. Our plant food nutrient supplement system is a labor of love and science, undergoing a rigorous 40-stage digestion process over the course of five years. This extraordinary journey transforms raw ingredients into a symphony of readily assimilable nutrients, comprising elemental blends, essential vitamins, a spectrum of minerals, folates, and humic substances like fulvic acids. But we don’t stop there; our bio-complexes also include a rich variety of micro fungi, which play a critical role in root development and nutrient absorption.

What sets Liqui-Dirt’s plant food process apart is more than the time it takes; it’s the meticulous care and scientific precision that go into ensuring that every drop of our plant food concentrate is a beacon of quality and potency. The process is exclusive to us, making Liqui-Dirt the sole provider of this type of nutrient system on the planet.

Our competitors may make many claims, but Liqui-Dirt plant food stands a cut above with a complete plant food and fertilizer replacement concentrate that gives you the upper hand in plant care. You have the flexibility to use it as you see fit, without the fear of over-application or expiration. Our plant food concentrate is timeless, designed to be as enduring as the results it produces. Your plants will thrive under your care, sustained by Liqui-Dirt’s unwavering promise of excellence and consistency. With our concentrate, you’re not just maintaining your plants, you’re enriching them with a legacy of health and vigor.


Liqui-Dirt plant food offers a timeless solution to plant nutrition, a product meticulously crafted to support the well-being of your plants indefinitely. With no expiration date, whether in its potent concentrated form or when diluted, this plant food is a lasting testament to the enduring commitment to your garden’s health.

Engineered for instant solubility, Liqui-Dirt plant food dissolves effortlessly into water, creating the perfect nutrient solution for your plants from the moment it’s mixed. This immediate action allows you to see quicker responses in your plants, leading to visibly happier and healthier growth.

While the market is crowded with competing products, many of which make lofty claims about their benefits, Liqui-Dirt plant food distinguishes itself with a proven track record. The plant food concentrate is not only complete in its nutritional profile, catering to all your plants’ needs, but it also offers you the ultimate control over feeding. With Liqui-Dirt plant food, you hold the reins, determining the precise amount your plants require, tailored to their individual needs, without the slightest risk of damage.


Elevate your gardening with Liqui-Dirt plant food, the superior choice for a plant food and fertilizer replacement. This potent plant food formula is engineered to boost the vitality of every part of your plants, from the roots that anchor and feed them, to the stems that support them. It nourishes the leaves that breathe life, the blooms that captivate with beauty, and the foliage that completes their lush profile. Experience comprehensive care for overall plant health that is applicable to a wide array of greenery including the delicate indoor houseplants, the proud guardians of your garden, and the verdant expanse of your lawn.

Liqui-Dirt plant food stands out in the world of horticulture for its full-bodied approach to plant nutrition, catering not only to the common favorites like flowers, trees, and shrubs but also to every botanical under your care. This is the nutrition that your plants crave, pure and unadulterated.

Our philosophy is simple: why pay for water? Other products in the market may appear diluted, offering less with more volume, but Liqui-Dirt believes in delivering quality over quantity. We ensure that every granule, every drop is rich with the “good stuff”—essential nutrients that work tirelessly to support and enhance the growth and health of your plants.

By choosing Liqui-Dirt plant food, you’re not just feeding your plants; you’re investing in their future, ensuring they have access to the finest nutrients needed to flourish. Watch as your garden transforms under the care of Liqui-Dirt, where every plant reaches its full potential, showcasing vibrant health and stunning growth.


Amplify the fruits of your labor with Liqui-Dirt, the ultimate catalyst for your harvest. This high-impact plant food is formulated to enhance and enlarge the blooms that are the crowning glory of your gardening efforts. It’s not just about growth; it’s about magnifying the quality and quantity of your yield, ensuring each flower unfurls to its fullest, most extravagant potential.

Liqui-Dirt’s plant food is a tailored nutrition system and is especially adept at bolstering flowering plants. It stimulates bigger, healthier buds, paving the way for flowers that not only look remarkable but also exude intoxicating aromas and boast exceptional potency. The result is a sensory experience that’s as rewarding as it is beautiful, with flavors and fragrances that truly stand out.

But the benefits of Liqui-Dirt plant food don’t end with aesthetics and sensory delight; it also contributes to a higher yield and increased production value. Whether you’re cultivating for personal pleasure or commercial gain, Liqui-Dirt promises a return that is both bountiful and superior in quality.

For herbal sciences, Liqui-Dirt Plant Food is a must! The outcome is a sensory feast that enhances the visual and olfactory experience of your garden, with flavors and fragrances that truly set your plants apart.

For those who venture into the innovative realm of HYDROPONIC gardening, Liqui-Dirt plant food is nothing short of revolutionary. It’s a match made in horticultural heaven, supplying everything your water-based garden needs to surpass the usual benchmarks of growth and productivity.

Choose Liqui-Dirt plant food to give your plants the power to soar beyond ordinary limitations. Witness as your garden transforms into a lush, verdant paradise, brimming with enviable harvests that reflect the zenith of your plant’s potential. With Liqui-Dirt, expect nothing less than the extraordinary from your harvests and blooms.

With this video we share a bit of fun in demonstrating the ease of use in Liqui-Dirt

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