Moss Pole Plant Stake 32″ Bamboo


Bamboo is a diverse family of evergreen perennial flowering plants. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and is frequently used in sustainable woodcrafts for that reason. It has a high tolerance to water and is one of the plants with a high carbon-sequestration rate. Bamboo has a significant history all around the world, often used in the Asian cultures to make ritual mats, flooring and screens. Size – 32in tall moss pole (Double the size of most other brands.)

  • Everything is included in the kit, including the moss. Our moss is entirely natural, not synthetic, and has never been contaminated with bleaches or other chemicals.
  • Modular – you add as many pieces together, fully customizable to suit your plant’s needs.
  • Easy to assemble click-together design.
  • Adds extra hydration to aerial roots.
  • Can support plants 360 degrees around the entire pole
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12 Ft Moss Pole!!!

All moss poles use 30% reclaimed or recycled wood

All moss pole wood materials are Eco harvested and sustainable

Real wood composite only. 100% plant-based with no oil used.

Full Moss Pole / Trellis Kit Description

Meet our NEW Moss Pole Collection, The Wood Collection. Just like our Carbon Fiber Moss Pole Plant Stake, these carry the same structural integrity, with the benefit of being made from recycled wood. These are Organic, made from recycled materials, including up to 30% recycled wood. They come in 6 different varieties, including Rose Wood, Red Wood, Oak, Bamboo, Ebony and Yellow Pear Wood. Our Moss Poles are very easy to assemble and are long lasting due to the nature of their design. Need something taller? You can combine several kits to extend the pole vertically to make them taller. These are the perfect complement for vining and climbing plants. Another great use for these is for starting cuttings or propagations. Our kits include the moss pole, zip-ties, and the moss to fill the pole. Instructions for assembly are provided as well.


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