Plant Mister Sprayer Bottle


2 liter plant sprayer bottle for all your plant misting and watering needs. Sprays a fine mist for even dispersion.

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2 L Empty plant mister and plant sprayer. Not to be used with Liqui-Dirt plant food. 


Humidity regulation is important for many houseplants, especially tropical varieties, that thrive in environments with higher humidity. Misting helps to create a microclimate around the plants, increasing humidity and mimicking their natural habitat.

Preventing dryness, especially during Winter months helps prevent excessive dryness, keeping the plant’s leaves hydrated and reducing the risk of leaf tips turning brown. 

Dust removal improves the plant’s appearance but also ensures that the leaf pores (stomata) are clear, allowing for better transpiration.

Propagation of plants from cuttings is assisted when using a plant mister to keep the cuttings moist, promoting root development. This is especially important during the initial stages of propagation. 

Mitigating stress for your plants is important and plant misting can give your plants a fresh, vibrant appearance. It can make the foliage look more lush and can be especially beneficial for plants that have large leaves.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal by using a plant mister to give your plants a  for your plants is important and plant misting can give your plants a fresh, vibrant appearance. It can make the foliage look more lush and can be especially beneficial for plants that have large leaves.


  •  Misting plants is most effective when done in the morning, allowing excess moisture to evaporate during the day.
  • Use room temperature water in your plant mister to avoid shocking the plants.
  • Focus on misting plants in the foliage rather than the soil.
  • Be mindful of the specific humidity preferences of your plants, as some may not benefit from increased humidity from your plant mister.

NOTE: While using a plant mister can benefit many houseplants, it’s essential to consider the individual needs of each plant species. Some plants prefer drier conditions, and excessive moisture can lead to issues such as fungal growth or root rot. Always observe your plants and adjust your misting routine accordingly.


Makes 6400 applications for house plants. (Makes 50 gallons; Each gallon makes 128 applications) It’s like a full ecosystem in a bottle that is a concentrated formula for watering your plants it’s easy: 1. 2. 3. and you’re ready to go. Great for all soil and growing media, hydroponics, semi-hydro, leca, vivarium with reptiles, terrariums, water gardens, fish tanks, flowers, and so much more. Good For Roots, Stems, Leaves, Blooms, Foliage, and overall plant health.


Fully Digested Elemental, Nutrient Supplement System for all plants. All vitamins and minerals with the microbial index are essential to a plant’s life. Complete Micro-fungi mycorrhizae and rhizobacteria strains in a pH Balanced formula.


Our Zymology process breaks down the 18 ingredients into thousands of separate, fully digested, and readily absorbable elements. This full nutrition can take over 5 years to complete before we bottle it up for you.


This product does not expire in any dilution or concentrated form. Liqui-Dirt is made to dissolve immediately in the water you add to grow happy, healthy plants. Don’t be fooled by other liquids that promise and under deliver, Our full concentrate puts you in command of how much to use for each plant without concern of harming your plants.


Use Liqui-Dirt to Increase growth and nutrition for Roots, Stems, Leaves, Blooms, Foliage, and overall plant health, all plants from Indoor Houseplants to Gardens, even Lawns. Yes, Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs too! Give your plants the nutrition they deserve. Unlike other watered-down fertilizers on the market, we don’t charge you for water, only the good stuff your plants deserve to help them thrive.


Bulk up your harvest and create bigger, better blooms with fuel for your flowers, supercharge yield, and growth. Great to help maximize flowering. It is great for bigger, healthier buds and helps create amazing flavor, aroma, and potency with higher yield and production value. It will make your plants soar. HYDROPONIC Gardens will love it.

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