Moss Pole Plant Stake 32″ Carbon Fiber


  • Size – 32in tall moss pole (Double the size of most other brands.)
  • Everything is included in the kit, including the moss. Our moss is entirely natural, not synthetic, and has never been contaminated with bleaches or other chemicals.
  • Modular – you add as many pieces together, fully customizable to suit your plant’s needs.
  • Easy to assemble click-together design.
  • Adds extra hydration to aerial roots.
  • Lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber design.
  • Can support plants 360 degrees around the entire pole
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Watch the Assembly Video!

Another quality product from LiquiDirt

Our moss poles are designed from carbon fiber so they will last a lifetime for your plant. If your plant outgrows the Pole, add more sections; it’s that easy. If your plant is cut back, you can remove sections. You can even transfer the pole sections to other plants.

Our moss poles have a water-through design to ensure that your plants are hydrated from the very top of your plant all the way to your pot, making it a simple and easy-to-use design that you can water straight through the top to water your entire plant.


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