Isopod Kits for Bioactive Soil


Looking for isopods for your terrarium or vivarium? Now you can start your own colony. We are proud to offer our Isopod Starter Kits. Everything you need to start your own isopod colony is included in our system. We include Isopods, a recyclable enclosure for them to start in, our Luxe Isopod Bedding, as well as all the necessary food, misting bottle, and everything else needed to start your own group of these amazing critters. You too can grow your own nature’s little helpers.

Kit includes:

Isopod Starter Colony

Available in quantities of 3, 6, 9 and 12, these are the ideal invertebrates for any enclosed ecosystem. They help keep the biomaterials in balance and produce nutrients that help increase the soil health. They are mixed breeds and are shipped in their own special container to protect them during transit.

Live Moss

Included in the isopod colony container to help protect them during transport, provide oxygen, scrub out the CO2 and give them a nice soft place to burrow during transport. Once the kit is assembled, the moss will help to provide clean air for the isopods and will grow to help provide a natural balance of coverage with ease of maintenance.

Luxe Isopod Bedding

The ideal medium for your colony to live in once you receive them. Our Luxe Bedding is soft and contains all the fluffy goodness nature provides in the forest. Also loaded with all the natural flora and fauna, our bedding gives Isopods the ideal home with the proper compaction ratios. The bedding gives plenty of space in the enclosure for the isopods to burrow and help retain that loose pillow-like feel.

Premium Isopod Food

Our special blend of vegetables, vitamins and nutrients to help keep your isopods healthy, and help promote expansion and propagation of the colony, helping to increase the number of isopods over time.

Isopod Starter Enclosure

The perfect place to start your own colony. Easy to maintain, sized appropriately for your isopods, and the enclosure is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.

Spray Bottle

Misting your isopod colony regularly helps to regulate the environment and allow for the proper balance of nutrients to enter the soil. Keeping a bottle handy to mist them when needed makes care so easy anyone can do it.

Feeding Spoon

Made from recycled materials, the spoon allows you to apply an appropriate amount of Premium Isopod Food to prevent spoilage and waste, while controlling how much food is fed easily.

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