Rabbit Manure

The BEnefits

Rabbit manure is one of the best manures for your organic gardens! It will increase poor soil by improving soil structure and also improving the life cycle of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Rabbit manure is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, numerous minerals, and micro-nutrients, plus many other beneficial trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper, and cobalt just to name a few.

Rabbit manure maintains a higher level of (N) than sheep, goat, pig, cow or horse manure. Plants require nitrogen for the production of lush green growth. (N) helps plants grow fast and strong thus helping the plants reach their full potential. The (N) is broken down by the rabbits and made available for the fast growing of salad greens! This also promotes the early growth of tomatoes, corn, and many other vegetables.

Due to their diet, the phosphorus is higher in rabbit manure than that of other manures. (P) is critical to the transformation of solar energy to chemical energy, which in turn helps with proper plant growth. (P) is key in helping plants withstand stress as well as insect attacks. (P) in the soil also encourages bigger and more abundant blossoms in flowering and fruiting plants. (P) is a primary part in the root growth and development process.

Potassium helps with fruit quality, taste, smell, crispness, and stability. (K) reduces disease in plants and they can not grow without it. Plants use (K) as an enzyme to produce proteins and sugars. They also use (K) to control water content within their tissues.

There is more to growing fantastic crops then NPK. Rabbit manure is loaded with a host of micro-nutrients and organic matter that improve:

  • Soil structure.

  • Drainage.

  • Moisture retention.

  • Vegetable gardens, pastures, and flower gardens all will benefit from using rabbit manure

  • Rabbit manure is also one of the few fertilizers that will not burn your crops.

  • Fermented Rabbit manure is a primary choice for Master Gardeners.

Generations of gardeners have taught us that this is a primary benefit to any garden or crop. This is why we raise and grow our own rabbits and feed them only the best foods and non chlorinated water. Their diet is closely monitored to gain the best source of micro nutrients.


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