Natural Flowing Spring Water

The BEnefits

Yes this is a bit extreme, I will grant you that, but again it comes down to quality. Using water free from contamination, chlorine, lead, CFC’s, Man-made chemicals, and a host of other issues is our mission for our “Liqui-Dirt ” and your family. Tap water including RO (Reverse Osmosis) water, all have the same issues of contamination of one kind or another.

Our thoughts are: “If you start with the best possible ingredients, processed in a natural and organic way, then you will have the best product in the end”.

If you think about it this really makes sense. Water millions of years old pure from the ground. Like pure rain, streams and rivers once were. Because this water can be dated thousands of years old, it’s another source of purity and respect for the plants that give us life through a bountiful harvest.

This water is then extracted and recycled into a new batch. thus making our Nano Powder for you at home to once again add water to make it a liquid concentrate once again.

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