Kelp Meal

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A member of the Laminariales family, this marine algae (Phaeophyceae) is brown in color and able to grow to massive sizes. Kelp grows in ocean “forest” (Kelp forest) in shallow waters and is thought to have appeared in the Miocene, 5 to 23 million years ago. A product of our nutrient-rich oceans, Kelp encourages healthier plant growth, promotes greater fruit and vegetable yields which enhances the general appearance of a garden or plant specimen.

Kelp is commonly oven dried and ground into a course “meal”. Oven drying removes and chemically alters the beneficial elements contained within the Kelp. We only use sun-dried Kelp to preserve the organic elements of this plant. We then grind this into a fine powder for our “Liqui-Dirt ” process.

This strong and abundant plant has a cell structure that filters seawater locking in the oceans rich nutrients. Due to this constant filtration, the kelp plant grows at exorbitant rates, sometimes as much as 3 feet a day. This rapid growth rate makes kelp a renewable resource for not only many sea creatures but also for a home organic gardener.

The benefits of kelp are vast in that it is a completely “natural and organic” product as well as being a source of over 70 vitamins and minerals. For this reason, it is an important dietary supplement for many people as well as being a terrific organic fertilizer. Organic kelp processed correctly can be applied to any type of soil or plant without concern for harmful chemicals. This leads to a healthier crop yield and general plant well being.

The Nitrogen-phosphate-potassium ratio (NPK) is negligible in readings of kelp meal and for this reason, We use it for a balanced trace mineral source.

We use Kelp in our “Liqui-Dirt ” formula as a great source of vitamins and trace elements. We test our “Raw Organic Kelp” in small batches to preserve quality and standards.

Kelp Meal is a generous supply of organic solids, which adds to the mix of vitamins (we only list a few above). “Kelp” gives us even more with important growth It also contains amino acids, enzymes and simple and complex carbohydrates.

Our ocean is the most natural nutrient rich area on Earth given that all nutrients make there way back into the ocean. Seaweed acts like a sponge and absorbs these micronutrients. For this reason, seaweed is considered one of the best fertilizers for plants. The macro-nutrients cannot be absorbed without the micronutrients, but all of these must be broken down to enter your plants thus the reason why we use our fermentation process so that we can unlock the kelp’s hidden supplements for your garden and planted areas.

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