Blood Meal

The BEnefits

The main factor for the need of blood meal is Protein. This is broken down by our blend of single-celled friends and bacteria into Ammonia.

“This is an important part of our “Liqui-Dirt ” mix. We want to address some concerns about its use in the Organic community. Most of the Blood meal that is used in products outside of “Liqui-Dirt “, come from slaughterhouses. The animals that are used can come from anywhere and can have been fed any diet, which is why we make our own. We only use Organic free range animals for our blood meal. It is recovered in sterile conditions in the most humane ways possible. 

It is a byproduct from this industry and it would go to waste if it was not used in a productive manner. (We are able to make batches without this in the mix, however, it will take 4 to 6 months to obtain your order so please let us know ahead of when you need it).

We filter this and let it sun dry into potent crystals that are full of beneficial nutrients that are 100% absorbed into your plants for faster nitrogen absorption. This leads to greener and faster-growing plants that are capable of processing more energy from the sun and roots, thus maintaining healthier plants.

The broken down Ammonia feed the bacteria making the fermentation process possible. This process is not unlike “bread making” using yeast. This decomposition of all the elements in the mix is a fundamental building block to the fast productive plant growth.

Maintaining the correct balance in the fermentation process of “Liqui-Dirt ” means that the Blood meal is completely digested into the mix, which means no remaining traces are able to be recovered from the blood meal after the fermentation process is complete. Thus the meal is eaten and the circle of life again return the beneficial nutrients only into the finished mix.

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