Bat Guano

The BEnefits

Truly a gift of nature, bat guano has been used in agriculture throughout many regions for hundreds of years. Guano was somewhat forgotten once chemical fertilizers came into the market, however, guano has always been prized by organic growers. Many health risks are connected to synthetic gardening products and more farmers are realizing that this dark, rich manure is indeed one of nature’s treasures.

Bat guano typically contains:

  • Nitrogen; promotes rapid, green growth, making bat guano useful fertilizer, especially for crops.
  • Phosphorus; promotes root growth and supports flowering.
  • Potassium; helps plants grow strong stems.

In addition to the presence of these major nutrients, it also has micro-nutrients critical for the healthy growth of the plant. Bat guano microbes are also efficient decomposers and help control the incidence of soil diseases and dangerous nematodes.

Because guano is rich in bio-remediation microbes, which clean up toxic substances, it’s a purifying addition for gardens in the transition from chemical to organic practices. The nutrients found in guano vary by species of bat and the types of food they consume.

This is a primary reason we use 3 separate kinds within our product. The levels of NPK in the different varieties of guano vary along with the trace minerals that are also found. These levels are dependent on numerous factors including environment, mineral composition of the land or cave of the deposit, and age of the guano deposit.

Our blending process combines 3 separate types of guano. Raw guano will burn crops if not handled properly or if used directly on the planted area.


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